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Explore the best of Rinjani and Lombok highlight on 9 days is a perfect trip for a more in depth exploration of the best of Lombok Island. Starting from South Lombok offer series of stunning beaches over Indian Ocean, wandering to the heart of Lombok explore the spectacular rice terraces in Tete Batu and getting to know the natives and its unique culture. An overnight stay at Sembalun plateau, famous with spectacular farmland overlay the village, the coolest place on the island that will give you an introduction of your four days trekking trip on the next day. Explore the beauty of the mountain Rinjani in a 3 days trekking trip and relax your body in the dazzling Gili Islands or enjoy the island with snorkeling or diving to fill up your free days.

Things you should consider to bring for climb the mountain

  • Waterproof backpack to store your essential items
  • Proper sport shoe or trekking shoe
  • Jacket or windbreaker
  • Warm clothing/Hiking pants/Long sleeves shirt
  • Extra clothing and socks
  • Hand gloves and winter hood
  • Med size towel & personal toiletries
  • Disposable raincoat
  • Head Lamp
  • Walking Stick / Poles (recommended for summit climb)
  • Extra high energy drinks, snacks, Candy, chocolates bars or other personal delights.
  • Personal medication such as altitude sickness tablets, Pain killer, Counter pain, Balm etc.
  • Insect repellent
  • Extra tissue paper
  • Slippers or sandals
  • Plastic bags
  • And your best camera device

To ensure your own safety and to make the climb an enjoyable climb, it is advisable to bear in mind the following:

  • Overnight in Senaru on an altitude (600 m) or Sembalun at (1.150 m) prior to climb is suggested, allow you to acclimatize to altitude changes and reduce AMS while climbing. Overnight in Senggigi tourist center required an earlier pick up time about 05:00 from your hotel due to long drive distance about 2.5 - 3 hours to Senaru or Sembalun.
  • Engaging a mountain guide and Porters is compulsory, each group of Max 6 climbers will be lead by 1 mountain guide and assist by porters according to your group size.
  • Cut your toe nails to prevent knocking into your shoes
  • Have enough warm clothing for the summit climb
  • You should feel comfortable and be able to move freely in what you wear (Denim jeans not recommended)
  • Bring only essentials items in your backpack and do not bring valuable items
  • Do not have a heavy breakfast prior to the climb
  • Supper will be served at about 30 minutes before summit climb at 03:00
  • For any special meal diet such as vegetarians, please inform us for arrangement
  • Untreated fresh mountain water is available at every shelter but usually we use it additionally for cooking, your drinking water is provided by us in sealed bottle
  • Boiled water is available during your rest time
  • Trek at a normal pace (Too fast may result high altitude sickness & vomiting, too slow will drain out your energy)
  • Rest longer at POS 2 together with a lunch service time. Rest shorter at POS 3, try not to sit or lay down on high altitude, just stand still
  • Be extra careful with your steps during Summit climb, recommended to use trekking Poles (walking sticks) for getting through sandy or loose rocks at the summit.
  • Avoid run at any time while ascending or descending the mountain
  • When descending, try to walk in a zig-zag way to prevent slipping and reduce pain on joints
  • Fit Climber trekking duration about 7 to 8 hours to the crater rim
  • Bring extra IDR Cash (No Credit Card available )
  • Try to pack all necessary things at least a night before the trekking start.
  • Recommended to purchase your personal needs such as Chips, Snacks, Chocolate bars favorite energy drinks or batteries etc in the city area or at tourist center area usually equipped with good shops and grocery store. Laban
  • Its highly recommended to climb Mount Rinjani in fit condition, there will no health checks conducted by any authorities during climb registration in RTC-Rinjani Trekking Center Senaru or RTC Sembalun, (be sure to have your insurances before travel) because in the end you will climb at your own risk